Designing a campaign launching the ADMU undergraduate student government's online presence in the first school year to open the  COVID-19 pandemic. Developed extensively with Dwayne Cabel, AJ Reyes, Sean Valencia, Dan Villa, and Noe Quinto.

A campaign that will transcend boundaries

The Ateneo de Manila Loyola Schools Sanggunian (Sanggu) has chosen Hiraya as the theme to ecompass its initiatives in the first school year to open amid the COVID-19 crisis. With its constituents forced to adapt to the online learning set up, it has become all the more important to make sure that they feel they have a student government to rely on in times of need.

With this, the campaign was strategically divided into three phases: one to focus on OrSem activities with the goal of introducing itself to the freshies who will be the first batch to start their college journey in the Loyola Schools without having seen its campus, a second to focus on launching initiatives for the first semester period of online classes, and a third that will showcase open positions within the institution in time for the annual recrutiment week.

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